The most unusual intimate lubricants

July 18, 2019

Strawberries, lemon, orange ... for certain you know the most used aromas in intimate lubricants. But did you know that there are also gels to taste like cake, pina colada, coffee or even bacon? We have collected some of the most amazing sexual lubricants on the market. And which one do you choose?

If you are still not using lubricants in your sexual relationships, what are you waiting for? Either by necessity, or for comfort (lack of natural lubrication or contraceptive methods), but you simply must have at least one jar of lubricant.

Like condoms, the choice of intimate lubricants today meets all needs and satisfies all needs, so there is a wide range in terms of types and aromas. Of course, you know the classic aromas of strawberries, kiwi, peach or lemon, but you will be surprised to know that there are also lubricants with an aftertaste of champagne, coke, chocolate, cinnamon, coffee or even bacon.

This will at least increase the pleasure and fun in your sexual moments, pay attention to our selection:

Durex Cherry Flavor Intimate Lubricant: Available on Amazon for € 5.95 (50 ml). Luxurious lubricant gel with aphrodisiac aroma and chocolate flavor: water composition with a long lasting effect. Available on Amazon for € 5.99 per 300 ml. Hunga Toko is an intimate lubricant, aroma and flavor of strawberries with champagne. A water-based composition with a long-lasting effect, the purpose of which is to emulate natural lubrication. Ideal for oral sex. Get it on Amazon for € 14.20 per 165 ml. Intimate Lubricant Shunga Toko, the aroma and taste of exotic fruits: 100% natural and water based. Available on Amazon for € 11.43 (165 ml). Shunga Toko intimate lubrication, aroma and taste of melon and mango: specially designed to simulate natural lubrication and facilitate penetration. Water-based lubricant, very silky and enhances the sensations that arise during intense sexual moments. Available on Amazon or € 8.83 per 165 ml. Salted Caramel Flavored Jo Gelato Grease (Caramel with Salt): A refined aroma for most gourmets. Premium quality water based. The scent that conquered us. Available on Amazon for € 10.41 a bottle of 120 ml. Intimate watermelon flavoring lubricant: one of the favorite scents for women is watermelon flavor, so we thought that this lubricant could not be on our list. Water based composition. Get it on Amazon for € 13.72 per bottle of 236 ml. Coconut Flavored Intimate Lubricant: Coconut Flavor? Then this is your ideal lubricant. It is made of water and is compatible with condoms. Available on Amazon for € 6.13 a 75 ml bottle. Sexual lubricant with the scent of orange and cinnamon: if you like different tastes, you cannot miss this Pura Pleasure Oil. It is also 100% organic, with natural ingredients and no chemicals. Available in other delicious flavors such as lemon and bergamot or lime and mint. Get this grease on Amazon for € 23.95 per bottle of 300 ml. Intimate lubricant with vanilla flavor: this is a special lubricant because it is not only edible, but also designed so that it can be used with condoms. Available on Amazon for € 7.88 (80 ml). Pineapple flavored grease: If you are a lover of the famous Pina Colada cocktail and want to try traditional lubricants, then you should definitely try the Kiki Travel Pina Colada lubricant. Available on Amazon for € 9.78 (50 ml). Intimate stimulation lubricant with caffeine: this lubricant simulates the effect of caffeine on stimulation of erogenous zones and provokes sensations that were not there before. Get it on Amazon for € 12.95 per 100 ml. Mango flavor intimate lubricant: if you are a mango lover, it is a grain and mango flavor lubricant. The grease is 100% edible, consists of water and is compatible with condoms. Available on Amazon for € 7.47 per 75 ml bottle.  

So, do not waste a minute and run for lubrication!

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